Insanitah – The Mechanism Of Forgotten Ages

I’m a person that has what you may call musical memory. When I listen to a song I like, mostly Metal of course, it brings me back to memories and impressions that I had then. Specialists call it affective memory. When I first listened to Insanitah’s “Hollow” immediatly images from a distant past popped up. Times when I discovered Nuclear Assault! Back then we used to refer to it as a crossover band, not thrash as we use to nowadays. That’s exactly the feeling I had when I heard Insanitah for the first time. “The Mechanism Of Forgotten Ages” is a pretty nice crossover piece, and I say that because of the band’s choice of heavyness rather speed. In “Different Same Things” we can find a very detailed, and puzzling guitar riffs, followed by a present bass, which is getting rare these days I don’t know why. You can hear perfectly the bass lines throughout the five tracks as it used to be before. I’m not really a romantic of the good old times, but surely I like bass lines! And most of all to hear them clearly! And Insanitah provides that for us!

“The Mechanism Of Forgotten Ages” is a good old school thrash metal. Every track is built, piece by piece, as we were building a sonic wall. And what a sonic wall! Every step is very well planned, every guitar lick is placed in the right place. And so goes the bass. It’s an album that will please a lot Nuclear Assault, Hallow’s Eve and early Slayer’s fans as it pleased me. Everybody is talking about true essence, so hear “The Mechanism Of Forgotten Ages” and see what true essence is.

Track Listing:

  1. Hollow
  2. Firespeech
  3. Different Same Things
  4. Blue Hell
  5. The Hatesongs

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