Insaniter – Half Faces

10347403_813164545414401_5570871872720598236_n When you hear the term “one man band” you imagine some poor guy with all this sh*t hooked up to himself and he’s playing for a pretty penny even though he’s terrible, but Insaniter is a Greek one-man-thrash-metal band that takes that thought and throws it out the f*cking window.

“Half Faces” has a real in-your-face feel that I think a lot of thrash metal bands out there lack even though their music is fast and loud and all over the place except in your face where I feel like it should be way more often.

And when a thrash metal band can do the opposite and make something calming and slower, then I truly believe that that band has true musical skills and can go far and beyond, and that is what Insaniter has led me to believe with their “Half Faces” EP.

While I was not able to find “Half Faces” on iTunes or anywhere else for purchase, the EP is available for streaming via YouTube here (just click the videos with the album cover).

Track Listing:

  1. Chuck and Cobra
  2. Spirit Revelation
  3. Trapped Universe
  4. Breathdrop
  5. Vengeance of Gods
  6. Screaming Pictures