INSOMNIUM Reveal ‘Winter’s Gate’ Cover Artwork


Finnish melodic deathsters INSOMNIUM have now revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album “Winter’s Gate“!

Winter’s Gate” is a concept album that is made of one epic 40 minute song. The album is built around a short story “Winter’s Gate” (Talven portti in Finnish) by vocalist & bassist Niilo Sevänen, which won awards and nominations in Finland back in 2007 and 2008. It’s a story about a group of Vikings who set out to find a fabled island west from Ireland, even though the winter is drawing near.

The full story is released together with the album as a book that has the tale in English, Finnish and German – illustrated by the artist Teemu Tähkänen.

The album is currently being mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB studio in Sweden. A worldwide release through Century Media Records will be out September 23rd 2016. Tour dates for autumn and winter will be announced soon.

During the summer INSOMNIUM can be seen on following festivals in Europe:

17.06.2016 Tampere Metal Meeting, Tampere, Finland
19.06.2016 Hellfest, Clisson, France
25.06.2016 Tons of Rock, Halden, Norway
30.06.2016 Provinssirock, Seinaejoki, Finland
22.07.2016 Klang! Festival, Kekava, Latvia
23.07.2016 Riverside Festival, Esslingen, Germany
26.07.2016 Metal Days, Tolmin, Slovenia
13.08.2016 Brutal Assault, Josefov, Czech Rep
14.08.2016 Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Rasnov, Romania
19.08.2016 Kaltenbach Open Air, Spital, Austria
20.08.2016 Rockstad Falun, Falun, Sweden
27.08.2016 100% Metal Fest, Istanbul, Turkey
10.09.2016 – Metalitalia Festival, Live Music Club, Trezzo sull’Adda
(near Milan), IT