Integrity & Krieg Split

Split albums are a kind of tradition into the Metal world. There are some which are really famous. It was a way of splitting costs due to the great deal of efforts bands had to make to get a record deal, or else. This kind of split album was also very common back in the day, I mean, the mix a thrash band with a black metal one. Today’s kids don’t like that anymore. This split is short, too short in my opinion, to get a more accurate view of the bands. Almost forgot, they are Integrity – thrash metal -, and Krieg – black metal. There are seven tracks; four to Integrity, and three to Krieg.

Integrity are what we used to call a crossover band with lots of hardcore  and thrash metal influences. One can notice by the length of their songs and by the rageous vocals. But the guitars are pure Metal with lots of sharp and precise incisions. Just loved the tone in solos. All four tracks are uptempo, full of rage in a way only a thrash fan could know. Integrity use an odd technique in solos because they break completely the pace. They seem to be an outside part of the song. Riffs are rapid fire and catchy involved by a very intense catchy drum beat. “Sons of Satan” is the track I liked most. Intensive is the precise word for Integrity sonance. Solos in “Document One” are pretty NWOBHM way, maybe that’s the reason I liked them so much. Let’s wait for some more.

Krieg are a black metal band. Their first song is “Circle of Guilty” which is well-aligned with the avant-garde of black metal. Guitar riffs are sound and clear, and even with some swing. Pretty good song with some plot twists in tempo and rhythm. It makes you try some steps. Next track “This Time I’ll Leave You Till Drown” has a rhythm riff a bit more frenetic which reminds sometimes 1980s gothic songs due to the embedded clean guitar. A very interesting piece showing that Krieg is very updated with BM’s avant-garde. There is also a live track which caps off all Krieg’s aggressive and ferocious facet.

Well, just to finish this I have to say that I strongly recommend this split.

Integrity & Krieg Split will be released on August 3rd via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Scorched Earth
  2. Flames of the Immortal
  3. Sons of Satan
  4. Document One
  5. Circle of Guilty
  6. This Time I’ll Leave You Till Drown
  7. The Sick Winds Stir the Cold Dawn

Watch Integrity’s “Scorched Earth” official music video here:

And Krieg’s “Circle of Guilty” official music video here:

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