INTENT On ‘Exile’

Arizona’s rising thrash metal act INTENT, are creating a storm with their upcoming release “Exile.” The new album unleashes commanding rhythms and powerful lyrics on a tremendous scale.

Forming in 2015, INTENT underwent line-up changes and spent time developing their sound before heading into the live scene. The outfit soon began opening up for bands like OVERKILL, DRI, and HAVOK to name a few. 2018 saw the release of their debut album “Vox Populi, “ and now in 2022, “Exile” displays the thrashers’ hard work to cultivate the next era of their sound. Greeted with an explosive introduction to “Victims of Conquest,” INTENT launch head first into ludicrous speed, fierce energy and dynamic instrumentation. Thundering through the tracks, INTENT’s immense impact never falters. “Primal Instinct” awakens a dark mood that seeps through the instruments and vocals, with a focus on the rhythmic quality of the music. “Time” deviates into non-standard time signatures enhancing the chaotic atmosphere and showcasing a progressive side to the band’s compositional style.

“Exile” is a whirlwind of raging thrash metal. INTENT have thrown their all into this thrilling album, it’s a brutal journey that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Track List:
1. Victims of Conquest
2. Exile
3. Shallow Earth
4. Primal Instinct
5. Verbatim
6. Changing the Axis
7. Time
8. 5th Column

Jeremy Lambert – vocals/guitar
Garrett Loper – drums
Laithan Bellavance – guitar
Patrick Murphy – bass

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