Interview with Illum Adora

illum-adora Metal Addicts – I was reading your interview to Underground Siege. To get acquainnted, you know. I didn’t see any reference to a bass player. If so, do you have one?

Illum Adora – We don’t have a steady bassist as of yet, Thjafjaz (names in our past band Zarathustra “Desecrator” and responsible for his thundering bass on “Contempt” and “In Hora Mortis”) is our session bassist for the first two gigs ever. We would like to go on with him, but distance is too far and time is too less. Therefore we are looking for an ambitious bassist closer to us. Our guitarist Profanator recorded also the bass guitar on the Mini-CD.

Metal Addicts – In the release you sent us, there were some gigs planned. Have you started?

Illum Adora – Our first gig will be taking place in 4 days, 12th of November. at the 20th anniversary of HELLBANGERS MOSELFRANKEN (with Unleashed, Midnight Rider and Infenal Assault) followed by a visit at SINISTER HOWLING (with Denial of God, Behexen, Front Beast and more) at the 19th of  November. You can expect a wild horde on stage and a good show, definitely.

Metal Addicts – Your band motto “Non Serviam Black Metal” stands for religious reasons and also politics. Which one the best definition for you?

Illum Adora – I came up with this term already in my old band ZARATHUSTRA. We used it on our releases and merchandise as description for our music, our attitude and way of thinking. It means that we do not define boundaries to ourself, never we will “obey” to others what should be done or what not while playing in a black metal band. Free spirits, free minds! And if we should fail with our luciferian mischief, we will do it with dignity.

Metal Addicts – Your musical influences are clearly the first and second black metal waves, but I found some punk rock dashes, especially in the track “Eyes of the Scythe Wielder”. Do you actually like punk rock?

Illum Adora – Personally, I like all kind of music if it is good, except for Hip Hop or Grindcore-bulls**t, brutal Death Metal is also not for me, I despice it to the core. I need music that is full of atmosphere, or good aggressive ones (this is not about as fast as possible). And yeah, there are definitely some old, dirty and filthy punk bands that I like. There was an old obscure scene in Japan and Europe, bands that are hardly remembered nowadays. I am not into it 100% and do not have real insight, but there was definitely some good stuff in mid 70s to early 80s. Same in Germany, some good bands I was taklking about the punk dashes I felt.

Metal Addicts – Are there any other non-metal influences in your music?

Illum Adora – Actually not, but I would like to see some folk or traditional influences within our music. I am open-minded for this, but I can assure it will be always be evil and dark sounding, no happy wish-wash stuff.

Metal Addicts – In terms of religion, how would describe yourself?

Illum Adora – Definitely not a religious person, I hate slave morality, dogmas and all the (reckless) stupidity in their religion. I even cannot pity those who are praying to a god because of their fear of an afterlive. I believe in nothing but decay. There is something spiritual in me, of course, but it means freedom, independence, libertine.

Metal Addicts – I see that you have a critical way of viewing society. What does bother you much?

Illum Adora – Do I? Where did you get this from, I wonder? Actually I do not care about society as it is just too insignificant to me.

Metal Addicts – Tell me about the recording process, was it difficult? Did it take a long time to get done?

Illum Adora – We recorded at several days within July and August, no remarkable happenings/stories to tell.

Metal Addicts – What you mean when you say that Illum Adora is more catchy?

Illum Adora – We write songs, with a normal build-up that go into your ears easily, no annoying sounds that will last for minutes, no ground-breaking changes in sounds etc. – we don’t say we do something innovative, as we do not want to be innovative at all. We just mix well-known formulas and make something new, that we like, that we would like to hear from other bands. Simple…

Metal Addicts – Germany has a big and strong metal scene. How about new bands? Does it get more difficult for new bands or it gets easier because of the stablished scene?

Illum Adora – There are probably new good bands, like from everywhere, but no one of us care about most of the bands. What I consider good might be total crap for others. At least there is no band that comes to my mind now that amazes me much to get mentioned here. I think it depends, actually its a boon and bane. But again, it is not my cup of tea, as we only concentrate about us and not what others do.

Metal Addicts – Almost forgot. I found the guitar tones fantastic. How did you get that vivid and colored sound?

Illum Adora – Profanator is just a very good and talented guitarist with very, very good equipment. and as we don’t have a clue about mixing, we found the mix rather by chance.