Interview With Aske

Metal Addicts – Ok, guys, first of all, thanks for the interview and a big hail to your album “Broken Vow.” Metal Addicts got very impressed with the material herein. The band started as a duo and after a few years it has become a quintet. Tell us how is the work in two people when writing and recording?

Filipe Salvini: Our line-ups are only for live performance: ASKE always will be a great duo.

Our first record “Once…” was released in 2015 and it was written by me and former vocalist Paulo Roberto (Abdicated, ex-Aske, ex-Beastkrieg) and on “Broken Vow” EP, released last year, I had the support of guitarist Lucas Duarte in the writing.

It’s true that additional musicians will always be part of our production, but this doesn’t shorten the uniqueness I seek to show in any work I do.

Metal Addicts – It’s noteworthy the great evolution in your music on “Broken Vow.” Do you think it is so because ASKE work with less people?

Filipe: No, it is not. On the EP we had additional musicians as we had them on “Once…” recordings too.

I think this development is the result of our passion for music and the will to make a better work in every release we do.

Metal Addicts – Have you ever considered recruiting other members in the future?

Filipe: No, we haven’t. Unless we have a significant contribution for the band.

Metal Addicts – Do you intend to perform live this year? If so, who will play drums?

Filipe: I’m not thinking about this. I’m focused on the production of the next album but, if it happens, we can recruit a good line-up for the show.

Metal Addicts – Are you working on a new album? What can we expect: a new EP or a full-length?

Lucas Duarte: Our next release will be a full-length and, at this moment, it’s all we can say about it because we are into the process of writing.

Metal Addicts – What about the songs, will they be in the same style as “Broken Vow”?

Lucas: We are looking for a new stuff which brings a better production than the previous EP “Broken Vow.”

Filipe: Of course, we have our own style deep rooted in extreme metal but there are no guarantees that each song won’t have its own essence, that makes them unique. The music from “Broken Vow” bring it and if there’s any common ground between the two releases will be the uniqueness of each song.

Metal Addicts – How was the acceptance of the press and the audience for this EP?

Lucas: Actually, it was pretty good. With “Broken Vow” we got very positive reviews and good notes from specialized sites. The access to the EP became easier via digital platforms.

You can listen to “Broken Vow” on Spotify and Youtube.

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