Interview With BARBARA BLACK

Barbara Black

We recently got a chance to catch up with Madrid, Spain based Heavy Rock/Metal band, BARBARA BLACK. Below you can find interview with band’s vocalist Bárbara Black.

1) Hello Βarbara! Nice to have you wish us. Your sophomore full album from Rock Estatal was one of the big hopes for the female fronted metal scene. How do you feel on this?

Thank you! We have certainly put our hearts into it, all our time and energy too. We are very happy with the feedback that both, the public and the press, have given us.

2) I became a fan immediately and I was lucky enough to check your album. Any plans for small lives in Spain? From your last performance @ Argentina Metal Fest, it seems that the band is a real energy bomb which is ready to explode anytime soon. What is your secret?

Oh thank you so much you are very kind! Yes we have some booked dates:

10 Sept Sala Caracol, Madrid.

11 Dec Sala Covibar, Rivas-Vaciamadrid.

5 Feb Sala Paberse Matao, Valencia.

26 Feb Sala Vizzio, Alcorcón.

21 May Sala Rockville, Madrid.

And more to come!

We don´t have any secret hahah, the only thing we do is working, working and to be obsessed with this project. We rehearse, compose, promote and dedicate all we have to it.

3) Let’s first talk a little bit about what’s been happening with Barbara Black the last couple of months. What does touring look like during a pandemic? Was there a lot that changed for you guys?

Many things have changed. First of all our tour was postponed twice, and even some of the dates have been cancelled because the venues couldn’t afford the pandemic crisis. Secondly there are many capacity restrictions and the audience can´t jump or dance because they need to be sitting. I think the energy is a bit different but you can feel the expectation in the public.

4) Especially with a band like Barbara Black, there is usually a lot of energy and such going on during your shows,, does it feel weird for you to see people seated at a show, for example?

Yes! as I told you before that is one of the new things, you can not touch the people, or even going down of the stage and sing among them. So I mean it´s like a wall between us, but we still try to connect with them in such different ways!

5) You also recently released a new video from “Love Death & Flies” album and it seemed like you had a lot of fun shooting this one, Barbara. What can you tell about the video shootings?

Yes! We released Vampire Love. Chapter I-You belong to me. We used body painting and luminous paint, and blood and much blood hahhaha, it was very funny and sticky. Each time we work with Nat Enémede we have lot fun.

6) Is a music video like that really different from playing a show and is it something you take into account when doing the act?

Absolutely, these are very different things and your mind has to focus in different ways each time. In a video you are acting for a camera and you have to repeat and repeat. In a live show you sing for the people, and you play only once.

7) I noticed you’re one of these bands that puts a lot of effort about songwriting and performing. Who writes the music and lyrics and how do you work on this?

We usually compose together. We are used to bring and idea to the music room and all together we develop it. Sometimes we record some ideas too and share it with the rest of the band. About the lyrics I am the one who write them, I really like to do it.

8)      My next question is about your strong memories connected to the band. Maybe your first time playing or something…do you have some specific memories from your history with Barbara Black?

One of the hardest memories was shooting our first video: Shiva, it was freezing cold, we´d been hours in the middle of the countryside and even at the end of more than 8 hours of shooting, the director made me walk bareless over the stones, and I remember my tears because of the terrible hurt hahhaha.

9) What songs from “Love Death & Flies” do you enjoy playing the most, if you have any?

Undoubtedly it is Damnified, whenever I sing it I feel fire inside me.

10) There are  a lot of people commenting  on your YouTube videos, how do you feel about the  feedback for the last album?

It is a quite good feedback, people are very respectful and friendly. I only want to say thank you to them.

11)   Are you happy for your cooperation with Rock Estatal?

Yes, they are very professional! We work with Angels PR Music Promotions, and I have no words for them. They put their hearts on their job, we are very happy with all the team.

12)   Anyway, I’m looking forward to meet you on stage! Thank you so much for the nice conversation, do you have any last thoughts you want to share with our readers and your fans?

Yes I hope we can meet soon. Thank you for this lovely interview. Just to invite to all the metalheads to meet us on our social media , we will be very happy to chat with them. And even they can visit our website and have a look to our merch, I think it is very important to support your metal bands!!

Stay healthy guys!

Love & Rock.

Bárbara Black.