Interview with Lectern


Fratricidal Concelebration it’s the fourth album by Italian death metallers Lectern and it will be released in the first weeks of 2015 via Sliptrick Records.  We recently spoke to their vocalist/bassist Fabio Bava and here’s what he had to say:

Could you tell us a couple words to describe Lectern?

“We are a death metal band, we had been formed and we will die like that!”.

Tell us about the recording sessions for the new album? Where did you record and how long did it take?

“The new album, was recorded at The Outer Sound Studios a bit outside Rome, and produced by Giuseppe Orlando and will be released by Sliptrick Records. A couple of weeks, has been spent for the production of anything about Fratricidal Concelebration. I am very enthusiastic of what we have done, in the terms of the overall sound and the instrumental approach. In my opinion, no choice could be better than recording there. I knew Giuseppe from a lot of years and nicknamed him Scott Burns for the knowledge of classic death metal and he knows what we want. His studio is well known and famous in the metal circuit, even outside our country. I’m sure, that for the next albums we will go there once again”.

Can you describe your writing process and what inspire you to write this kind of lyrics?

“Well, we usually rehearse, on ready songs, and we just arrange riffs, structure and whatever, with a specific idea. Then I arrange bass and vocals patterns. For the drums, we give a sketch to Marco, then the lines for the second guitar and solos, come after. About the lyrics, I always write them at home, when we arrange the songs I manage them following the guitars. Inspiration comes from Satanism, nothing more and nothing less”.

What are your influences?

“All that is old school, concerning death metal, black metal and the second and unexpressed thrash metal wave as Nevermore, Testament, Heathen, Sanctuary, Coroner, Dark Angel, Viking, Forbidden, Holy Terror, Overkill and Exodus. Also a little bit of grind and hardcore approach, could be useful. Bands like Deicide, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Death, Sepultura, Massacre, Benediction, Six Feet Under, Marduk, Disincarnate, Loudblast, Nile, Cannibal Corpse and Hate Eternal are just some of our favorite. As you can see, many outfits come from the American scene. Outside the extreme contest, there are bands I like since the very beginning, you know, such as Judas Priest, Van Halen, Saxon, Motorhead and Iron Maiden, or the German scene as Helloween, Kreator and Sodom”.

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

“Few days ago, just before Christmas, I remembered about a band called God Is An Astronaut. I’m very into ambient rock, I discovered they are an Irish band, and they made a bunch of records. Very interesting, and to be listened without lights for relax”.

Do you have some pre-show rituals?

“Oh yes! I wet my hair! Always!”.

Are you satisifed with how Fratricidal Concelebration turned out?

“Indeed! But we are still waiting for the date of issue, and our copies. Then promotion will start soon, with advertisements, interviews, videos and whatever”.

Are you planning for some tours?

“Yes and no. I mean, we are working about that, but we have to set everything, starting from the availability of all members of the band, rehearsals and so on”.