Interview with The Finite Beings


“A Life To Come” is the second album by Christian hard rock band/metal The Finite Beings. They use Biblical truths and personal experiences to connect and relate to the listener lyrically. “A Life To Come” can be bought as a digital edition on iTunes or if you want to buy CD you can do that on We recently spoke with their members Donny DePaola (Vocals,Guitar,Bass,Piano,Composer) and Mike Nicholas (Vocals,Drums,Lyricist,Composer) about their new album, inspiration and writing process. You can read full interview below.

Can you tell us couple words to describe The Finite Beings?

Mike: “The Finite Beings will take you on a musical journey digging deep into the heart and mind in pursuit of our very existence and why we are here. Your welcome to come along for the ride.”

Tell us about the recording sessions for the new album? Where did you record and how long did it take?

Donny: “We recorded it in Mike’s home studio using Pro Tools. We recorded and produced the entire album ourselves. It was a lot of work, but its very personal and was a lot of fun. It took about 10 months to finish the album. I would say we spent at least 20 hours on each track.”

Can you describe your writing process and what inspire you to write this kind of lyrics?

Mike: “I usually come up with an idea or concept with a basic foundation of a song. Donny and I then usually compose it from there spicing up the music and fine tuning the arrangements. Occasionally Donny will have a riff he wants to use and we build it from that as well. I enjoy writing about whatever I may be struggling with and turn it into a positive light. Its really whatever comes to me and I try to be creative with it. Obviously I am a follower of Christ so I tend to write a lot about the change He’s made in my life in my lyrics.”

What are your influences?

Donny: “Mike and I have very different influences. Im inspired by mostly classical music and classic rock. Mike is most inspired by metal and hard rock. We are both big fans of Pink Floyd so that is our common ground as well as our faith in Christ. Combining all this gives us our unique sound and message.”

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

Donny: “My favorite albums at this time are, Seed of Memory by Terry Reid, RAM by Paul McCartney, Straight Up by Badfinger. My favorite artists at this time are Supertramp and Elliott Smith.”

Do you have some pre-show rituals?

Mike: “No, At this time this is remaining a hobby and we are not a touring band.”

Are you happy with how “A Life To Come” turned out?

Mike: “Yes, I am very happy with how it turned out. The album shows me a lot of growth in many areas and I’m happy to say we made this one homegrown.”

Are you planning for a tour any time some?

Donny: “For the time being, we are doing this as a hobby, however I would love to get some shows together if there was a demand for it.”