IRMIN Premieres New Track, ‘Dark Lord’

Thrash/black metal battalion IRMIN (The Netherlands, 2002 – 2009) premieres the track “Dark Lord” from their upcoming album Into My Order. After holding the recordings hostage for 11 years, IRMIN finally releases their furious old school madness upon mankind on May 28, 2017. The album will be available in digital stores and streaming services from that day on. Expect furious riffs, savage guitar solos, hammering drums and dual layered vocals with high pitched screeching and monstrous grunts.

IRMIN frontman Attila Vörös states: “The song you’re about to listen to serves as a prelude to the 9 tracks of pure aggression on the album. “Dark Lord” is not by far the most furious of them all, yet it’ll blast through your armour and claw it’s way into your brain, surfacing afterwards in the form of uncontrolled chanting sessions, until you BECOME the Dark Lord himself. You’ve been warned!”

Into My Order track listing:

  1. Into My Order
  2. BloodRed Domination
  3. Dark Lord
  4. Night of Blood
  5. Berzerker
  6. Nimmermeer
  7. Four Elements
  8. The Final March
  9. Illumina

You can pre-order Into My Order on IRMIN‘s Bandcamp page.