Iron Fire – Beyond the Void

Heavy Metal is one of the only musical movements that allows you to go back and forth as you please. I mean, one day you listen a top notch experimental band, the other day you listen to a band that plays the basics. It’s possible to make a time travel through Metal bands. Tradition and modernity walk together with benefits to both.

Iron Fire “Beyond the Void” is back to basics. If I were a popper I would call them dinosaurs. But hold your horses, I have two important questions to make; is it that bad to be inspired by tradition and is Iron Fire a traditional band? The answer to both questions is a loud and clear “No.” To metallers to play the basics firmly based on tradition isn’t bad, in fact, it’s desired for some. Iron Fire “Beyond the Void” has lots of modernity within it just because they merge classical features with modern ones. If memory serves me right, Metal has always been benefited by these back and forths in their music.

The first thing that calls the eye to “Beyond the Void” is that there’s a positive feeling into it. The cadence in it always most of the time uptempo as most 1980s bands, but the main grip is the 1990s Metal with a strong taste of Running Wild especially in “Old Habits Die Hard” whose title explains very well the influence. It’s great to listen to the fast drumming connected with a melodic guitar riffing. Some songs as “Bones and Gasoline” break the uptempo, but only in the beginning because there are moments that the song goes in crescendo. The same happens to “Judgement Day” which is an easy title to find among Metal bands. Iron Fire exercise pretty their near ballad verve.

Bottomline, “Beyond the Void” is an album that may please every heavy metaller in this sad and lonely planet.

Iron Fire “Beyond the Void” was released on March 08th via Crime Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  Intro
  2. Beyond the Void
  3. Final Warning
  4. Cold Chains of the North
  5. Wrong Turn
  6. Bones and Gasoline
  7. Old Habits Die Hard
  8. Judgement Day
  9. To Hell and Back
  10. One More Bullet
  11. The Devil’s Path
  12. Out of Nowhere

Watch “Beyond the Void” official video here: