Iron Gypsy – Iron Gypsy

Sometimes it is good to hear the real deal. Not that current old school heavy metal are not cool, they are indeed, but sometimes we have to go to the essence.

Iron Gypsy “Iron Gypsy” belongs to the series No Remorse Records and producer Bart Gabriel are conducting about unknown and rare releases of the 1980’s metal. As many bands of their time, Iron Gypsy has a diverse repertoire. This eight tracked album is full of different songs, cadences, and tempos. Songs like “Rock’n’Roll Band” bring all the energy and fun there should be in heavy music. High levels of energy is something that is not scarse in this effort. Since track one, “Hell and Back,” with its NWOBHM riffing. The cadenced riff of “Streetwize” is one of the best things of “Iron Gypsy.” The double guitar and bass riffing is a killer. Pure Led Zep influence. The chorus of “Now or Never” is really something. So is in “Shaker.” Metal bands in the 1980s used to care more about the chorus.

It is nice to see how the bass plays a proheminent part in Iron Gypsy’s music. The mixing put it loud and clear. Good to hear. Guitar effects are simple, maybe only a heavy metal pedal and nothing else. Iron Gypsy teach a lesson of how to be simple, but not simpleton. Two different things. There is a sound quality fall in “T.A.W” maybe because of the old original tapes they got. But the guitar riffing is a killer. The fastest song in “Iron Gypsy.”

So, guys, that is it. “Iron Gypsy” is an effort right from the good old times of Metal. It is fun and great music. Who needs anything else?

Track Listing:

  1. Hell And Back
  2. For the Crown
  3. Need Your Lovin’
  4. Streetwize
  5. Now Or Never
  6. Shaker
  7. T.A.W.
  8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Band

Iron Gypsy “Iron Gypsy” was released on September 29th via No Remorse Records.

Listen to Iron Gypsy “Iron Gypsy” via Soundcloud.

Watch “Now or Never” video here: