IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON Explains Importance Of Playing New Material Live

While talking to Fortune, Bruce Dickinson expressed the importance of playing new songs live. During the last IRON MAIDEN tour, the band included a lot of material from “The Book of Souls” album which took up around one-third of the setlist.

He said: “If you take advantage of them [fans], as in you serve up the same old thing every single tour, you can expect some of them to walk away. That is just a band becoming a karaoke band. If you’re not doing new music, why bother? We don’t share the idea that going and doing stadiums, playing thirty-year-old songs, is a success. It’s just making money.”

When asked about the fans who want them to play only the classic 1980s songs, he said: “That’s tough. In that case, don’t come.”