IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson Recalls Being in New York City During 9/11 Attacks


In a recent interview with “Nights With Alice Cooper” producer Katherine Turman, IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson, who happened to be in New York City on September 11, 2001 during 9/11 attacks. You can watch interview below.

“Airliners don’t crash into buildings, the World Trade Center, by mistake,” says Dickinson. “I’m thinking, ‘Oh, this is some bad s**t.’ I couldn’t see anything because we were too far away and we were too low down, so I just went down to my room and turned the TV on and one tower had just gone down.” Thinking cell phone reception would soon go down in the city, Bruce called England to relay a message to his family that he was fine.

He continued: “I wandered around the next day and I thought, ‘I don’t know what to do now. I’ll go and give some blood.’ So I had a wander around and found some way to go and give blood. And it was queuing around the block. And all they were doing was the guy was coming around saying, ‘Okay, here you go. Come back tomorrow. We don’t need any blood. There are no survivors.’ So I went and wrote a piece of paper saying, ‘If we need your blood, we’ll give you a call.'”