IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON: ‘Unlike Some Bands, We Actually Like Our Audience’

Bruce Dickinson 2018

Ahead of BRUCE DICKINSON‘s October 16th spoken word tour date in support of his autobiography, What Does This Button Do?, the IRON MAIDEN singer made an appearance on the TV show, The Project, to talk about the tour. Watch the video below.

He said during the show (watch video below): “The show I do, basically, it’s a one-man show. It morphed out of being initially promo for the book. The publisher said, ‘We’re gonna rent a little theater and you just do some readings,’ and I thought, ‘Well, that’s kind of dull, really.’

“So, years ago, when I was an undergraduate in college, my then-girlfriend persuaded me to go and see a one-man show by a guy called Quentin Crisp. So I had to be dragged along: ‘Oh, who is this guy?’ Anyway, it was absolutely brilliant. And one of the things he did, in the second half, was he took cue cards from the audience who wrote questions down, and he basically came and did almost like an improv thing where he answered the questions. So I thought that would be nice to do.

“So I sort of constructed this show, as it were, and just winged it. And it was so good, they asked me back to do the Edinburgh Festival. And then the next thing after that was I’ve ended up doing a bunch of them in Scandinavia, and I’m now doing Israel and Greece and more shows in Scandinavia and everything else. So, all of a sudden, I’ve got myself this little extra gig.”

Bruce also discusses the IRON MAIDEN audience, saying, “Unlike some bands, we actually like our audience, and so, whatever we do, we take it seriously, but at the same time, we don’t take ourselves that seriously. That’s the fine balance that you’ve got to have.”