IRON MAIDEN’s Legacy Of The Beast: In-Game Collab With AMON AMARTH

IRON MAIDEN‘s Legacy of the Beast free-to-play mobile game is excited to announce their first ever in-game band collaboration with Swedish metal band AMON AMARTH. Check out the video below.

Entitled the “Viking Invasion”, the month-long event takes its broad themes from IRON MAIDEN‘s song, “Invaders”, from The Number of the Beast album released in 1982. Taking a page out of its own (comic) book, Legacy of the Beast created a new character and storyline borrowing from AMON AMARTH‘s latest album, The Berserker.

After a spate of murderous attacks on his village, a lone Beserker vows revenge on the culprits who slaughtered his family. No stranger to battle, retribution or revenge, Eddie, IRON MAIDEN‘s infamous mascot, leads not only the Beserker but also Norse Goddess, Freya, into battle against unrelenting waves of enemies to seek vengeance for the Berserker’s fallen kin.

Find out when you meet The Berserker in the Viking Invasion Dungeon launching April 13th, 2021 at 5pm PT in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast mobile game.

Legacy of the Beast was built on a foundation of IRON MAIDEN songs, art and history, but has also always been about introducing and developing creative ideas that extended beyond MAIDEN,” band Manager Rod Smallwood comments, “and, just as we’ve always invited bands out to tour with us, we are delighted to invite some friends to become part of our game and to provide another dimension to the fun, dexterity and excitement of it.”

In Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, metal and RPG gaming fans take on the role of the band’s iconic mascot, Eddie, who travels through time, across a spectacularly diverse array of worlds in captivating 3D environments. Eddie appears in many forms, each a part of IRON MAIDEN‘s rich history, and each with a set of special powers and abilities.

AMON AMARTH‘s lead vocalist & Viking-in-chief Johan Hegg explains: “To have our own character in the Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast game is just insanely cool! And such an honor. We hope everyone will enjoy our humble contribution to this awesome game!”

Players can earn the Berserker character for free from April 13th – May 12th, 2021.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast first launched in 2016. Players battle as Eddie, IRON MAIDEN‘s famed undead mascot, in his many forms across amazing worlds inspired by IRON MAIDEN‘s rich imagery and music. Eddie’s quest to gather the pieces of his fragmented soul sees him fighting legions of unrelenting enemies and teaming up with powerful heroes pulled straight from IRON MAIDEN lore. IRON MAIDEN is intimately involved in character creation and story content, ensuring everything lives up to the MAIDEN name and brings their vision to life.

British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN have postponed their June and July 2021 dates on the “Legacy Of The Beast” due to ongoing pandemic. The next European leg of the “Legacy Of The Beast” tour will now take place in the summer of 2022. All tickets remain valid.