IRON MAIDEN’s NICKO MCBRAIN Says He Would Like To Play ‘Alexander The Great’ Live

In an interview with Kaaos TV, IRON MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain was asked which MAIDEN song he would like to be remembered by, to which he replied: “All of them, really. Obviously, my first track on [my debut MAIDEN album, 1983’s] Piece of Mind was ‘Where Eagles Dare,’ which had this iconic drum through. It is an iconic drum piece through the whole of the song… I think that one.

‘The Trooper,’ obviously, is another great one. I’d like the legacy to be probably my version of ‘The Number of the Beast’ because I play it different to Clive [Burr]. I play a totally deferent drum part, although it sounds kind of similar to what he plays.

“And of course, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name.’ That happens to be my all-time favorite MAIDEN song to play. Ever. Without a doubt, hands down.

“But all of the music… There is one thing I’d like to say. I would like to do live one day ‘Alexander the Great.’ I think that is such… You know, it’s a very hard song. And it’s the arrangement from everybody – from the guitar parts…

“There’s all these very different timings. I like the intro, and then the freaking timpani in there. One of these days I’d like IRON MAIDEN to play that song. Because we’d rehearsed it way back, but we never did it. I think we played it one show and it didn’t work.”