Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry

 When it comes down to the perpetual riot that is punk metal, you can bet your ass that there are always bands from all around the world who will find themselves wanting to share a voice via their own creativity. That’s what a lot of music is as you know: people coming together to convey a message to the masses. Iron Reagan is a band that is no stranger when it comes to showing the world how despicable society is from it’s corrupt politics to the most rotten vermin that religion has spawned. All their previous efforts I feel were done fantastically well each time with their own strengths, but it has to be “Crossover Ministry” that truly stands out and packs every single punch that Iron Reagan could’ve pulled. All 18 tracks that we’re treated with this album are all pieces that if you’ve been following this band for some time you won’t find anything really “new” per say, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that Iron Reagan f**king nailed this record. “Crossover Ministry” has fantastic riffs like what can be found in “Bleed the Fifth”, anthems that can’t be ignored like “Condition Evolution”, and quick moments of nothing but a pure outburst of angst and frustration in short-lived songs like “No Sell” and “Parents of Tomorrow”. To call “Crossover Ministry” a very solid coverage of what Iron Reagan can do as a band would be no less than an absolute understatement. These gentlemen even went so far to bring in guest vocals for four separate tracks (different voices for different songs) which then provide “Crossover Ministry” a few extra layers that definitely help progress the record and make it even more enjoyable than what it was before. With this slab of riot-inducing rage, Iron Reagan has made what’s possibly the first highlight album of the year for me, and once you start listening it won’t be hard to see why. “Crossover Ministry” has got everything a good album needs and then some, yet Iron Reagan add their special unique, potent formula that has never disappointed, and this album shows that it’s not about to wane anytime soon. So, please, grab your torches, break your bottles, and scream “f**k the neighbors!” along with Iron Reagan and yet another f**king hell of a record!

“Crossover Ministry” releases on February 3rd via Relapse Records! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here, and stream 3 tracks early on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. A Dying World
  2. You Never Learn
  3. Grim Business
  4. Dead With My Friends
  5. No Sell
  6. Condition Evolution
  7. F**k the Neighbors
  8. Power of the Skull
  9. Crossover Ministry
  10. More War
  11. Blatant Violence
  12. Parents of Tomorrow
  13. Bleed the Fifth
  14. Megachurch
  15. Shame Spiral
  16. Dogsnotgods
  17. Eat or be Eaten
  18. Twist Your Fate