Is An Acoustic Guitar Good for Beginners?

Acoustic Guitar

Are you new to playing the guitar? Are you looking for a budget-friendly instrument to help you on your learning journey? In this industry, beginners form a very important market and this is why so many guitar companies have ventured into this niche to ensure that beginners access the best budget-friendly equipment as they start their learning journey. Check out this value for money Acoustic Guitar Starter Kits and see which one will help you make great music as you master the art of playing the guitar.

Is the acoustic guitar good for beginners? Yes, it is. Acoustic guitars are often the first choice for students who are looking to start playing music. Acoustic guitars are affordable and easy to play as they are easy on the fingers as compared to other types, and most of the time, they sound great.  However, before you purchase your first acoustic guitar, make sure to do your research and also, try playing a few guitars before you make a purchase. Many stores will actually allow you to play the instrument of your choice before you make a purchase.

Here are two important considerations when choosing a good acoustic guitar as a beginner.

1. Work With Your Budget

As a beginner, it is always important to start slowly and learn the chords, one at a time. There are many types of acoustic guitars, some of which are low priced while others will cost you more than $10,000. Make your budget, based on what you can afford. For example, if you are a young beginner on a very tight budget, you can opt to purchase the Ashthorpe guitar beginner package. 

For just $54, you will get an excellent range of accessories and the guitar can play loud and accurate sound. The package also comes with a pitch pipe which is a very important tool for a beginner as it will help you in determining the pitch of certain sounds. Once you become conversant with the chords, you can always upgrade to a more sophisticated model.

2. Choose The Right Body Style

You need to know that different body shapes will produce different sounds. Therefore, buy a guitar that sounds great and is also easy to play. Ideally, acoustic guitars will range in size; from small size acoustic guitars for traveling to jumbo guitars. 

There are four major types of acoustic guitars and each of them has its own unique design. The classical guitar is small and it’s great for fingerpicking, the dreadnaught acoustic guitar is wild and versatile and can work with any style of play ranging from punk to rock. 

You can also choose to go with a jumbo acoustic guitar. As the name suggests, jumbo acoustic guitars are large-bodied, and therefore, they produce enough space for the sound you play to reverberate and play out loud.  Jumbo guitars require more energy to produce sound as compared to the classical and therefore, they are not ideal if you intend to pick the strings with your fingers. However, if you are practicing how to strum or flat pick, this is the perfect guitar for you.

You can also choose to invest in a parlor guitar. If you are a beginner who intends to venture into folk music, this is the guitar for you. Because the parlor guitar is small in size, you can travel with it and still make good music just as you would with a bigger size guitar.