Is bingo becoming a trend amongst young people?


If you think about bingo, the first group of people to pop into your mind is probably older people. Retired folks. Those who are over 60, maybe over 70, who love to head off to the nearby bingo hall and who enjoy their times out every week there. It appears, to many, such a game for ‘old people’.

The truth, however, is that far more younger people are actually beginning to get pleasure from the excitement of bingo too. That’s because bingo is now, thanks to amazing technology and huge advances, available online for anybody to enjoy, and instead of going to an actual bingo hall, folks are able to play at Umbingo or perhaps on their mobile devices and have just as much fun.

Having An Enjoyable Night In

Online bingo offers younger individuals the chance to do different things. They don’t need to sit and watch television or scroll aimlessly through social media – they are able to play internet games and maybe even win a bit of cash too. It is a significantly cheaper choice than going to a nightclub or pub (assuming these places are even open – after coronavirus who knows what is happening?), and it does not take up a lot of time. You can take just a few minutes if that’s all you want. You may actually want to invite friends over so you can all play together. Throw in a pizza or other takeaway and a bottle of something lovely and you’ve got the perfect night in without having to spend much time, money, or effort in the process.

Social Bingo

One of the biggest reasons that bingo is so popular with younger people is the social element. Actually, this is also one of the reasons why bingo is so popular full stop – there is a lot of fun to be had when you are playing and socialising at the same time.

Online bingo – the version younger people seem to prefer – is just as social an event as traditional bingo is. Even though you won’t see people face to face, you can still chat through the special chat rooms that the bingo websites create. Or you can video chat with friends and family using one device while playing on another. Whatever works for you is the way you should do it.

Play When You Want

Younger folks like playing bingo, it’s true, and being able to play wherever they are and whatever they are doing for as long or as short a time as they can is certainly appealing. They don’t need to be at a bingo hall at a certain time on a certain day and make their busy schedule fit around this immovable appointment. They just get to play when it suits them, and if that means a quick game on the bus or a nice, leisurely one in the bath in the evening, that’s their choice. No one else’s schedule needs to come into play.


For the reasons we’ve outlined above, it would seem that bingo is becoming a trend among young people – it’s a game that everyone can play.