Is GHOST Teasing A New EP?

Ghost New EP

GHOST is teasing something which could possibly be a new EP in a new video showing Sister Imperator in the hospital after she fell off a cliff.

In an interview with Oklahoma City radio station100.5 KAAT, band leader Tobias Forge mentioned “something else coming out” in 2019 that wouldn’t simply be a covers EP (alluding to the band’s 2013 release If You Have Ghost, released in 2013), and also talked about the possibility of a live video release if the conditions are right:

“My intention is not to release just another EP of covers, Tobias said. “There might be something else coming out next year, maybe, that might have been recorded already, that won’t be covers.

“If the production on the live front gets to the point where I want it to be, and if we happen to play two dates at a venue that caters to the full production and it’s somewhere geographically where there’s an audience who is very, very, very avid and very lively, I would love to record a film — a live, visual capture.”