Is There a Link between Metal Fans and Casino Players?

Metal Casino

Ever since Train of Consequences by Megadeth was released in 1994, it became clear for metal fans: most of them liked gambling. The song depicted the way they felt when they entered a casino: “My thinking is derailed, I’m tied up to the tracks, the train of consequences, there ain’t no turning back.” Several other songs have been inspired by gambling, including The Jack by AC/DC and The Angel and The Gambler by Iron Maiden.

Online casino game developers are smart; they get inspired by metal themes to attract this category of players. Motorhead, Megadeth, and Full Metal Dragon are just a few of the many slots that cater to metal fans.

Have you ever wondered if your inclination towards metal music was connected to gambling in any way?

Background Music Makes Gambling More Enjoyable

Any restaurant, shopping mall, supermarket, and bar will play background music. It’s not just about creating a certain vibe for its visitors; it’s mostly about boosting sales. Game developers realized that background music influences casino activity, too. That’s why they use it in each slot and table game. When they create the perfect background, they dictate the player’s flow.

You’ll notice that most table games come with relaxing background music. That’s because the players need to stay focused and think about the way they play each hand. When it comes to slots, game developers dictate a more vibrant tempo through the sounds. This is when they use metal music; they dictate faster and more aggressive play, which increases the amount of money and period of time that a player spends on a particular game.

If you don’t want to be influenced by the game developer, you can easily turn the background sounds off. Even in that case, metal fans decide to play their own music in the background. It energizes them and puts them in the right mood for gambling.

Behavioral Analysis of the Thrill in a Casino! Your Favorite Game, No-Deposit-Bonuses, and Metal Music Inspiring Gaming!

Both metal music and casino trigger the same feeling for us: it’s called thrill. This is a sudden feeling of pleasure and excitement, which takes us out of the comfort zone. Metal music fans want their life rougher; that’s not a secret. That’s why they aren’t disturbed by losses so much; they focus on the next game expecting the big win. Online casinos boost the thrill with their no deposit roulette welcome bonus codes and loyalty programs. With no-deposit bonuses, players get to try several games without making any investment. If they like what they see, they can make their first deposit and continue gambling on the same website.

If we analyze the behavior of metal music fans, we’ll find a connection between their inclination towards harder sounds and gambling/betting. This is a category of people who are not concerned about the way others feel about them. They’ve been subjected to a cultural stigma throughout their lives, and they’ve learned how to cope with it. A metal music fan is not like an honorable businessman, who’s too concerned about their reputation and has to hide when they gamble. This is someone who is free to make their own choices, and chooses to have fun when they feel like it.

Both gambling and metal music go against the conventional norms. They embrace the opportunity to take a risk, even though it means either losing or winning. They like high energy levels, and they aren’t afraid to invest in something that makes them happy. At the same time, experience taught them how to control their actions, so they can prevent themselves from going overboard with the deposits.

Symbolism and mystery are essential aspects of metal music. They are present in casino games, too. Slots, in particular, leave a lot of room for creativity and symbolism.

We’re Here to Fight the Stereotypes

Although there is a connection between metal music and gambling, it would be unreasonable to say that all metal fans like casino games. You always have a choice, and you make it for yourself.

Online casinos try to attract you with different marketing techniques. If you look at Gamimg! no deposit-bonuses, you’ll notice that all of them offer free money just to get you on their sites. But game developers also use music to create the perfect vibe for playing.

Ultimately, you decide whether or not you’ll accept their offer.

BIO: Leslie Alexander is a professional writer and editor. Currently, she is focused on exploring the gambling industry and contributing to Gamblizard with reviews and analytics. She enjoys having fun in the most unconventional ways.