Is This The Worst SLIPKNOT Cover Ever?

Worst Slipknot Cover

We’ve seen some pretty rough SLIPKNOT covers over the years, but this might tops them all.

In the video below, guy names David, who already did covers from SLAYER, GUNS N’ ROSES and JUDAS PRIEST, all of which are terrible, has took a shot at doing a vocal cover of SLIPKNOT‘s “Circle.” But don’t get me wrong, covers are actually terrible that to some degree is f*cking brilliant.

“Circle” is taken from SLIPKNOT‘s third studio album, 2004’s Vol3: (The Subliminal Verses).

While chatting with fans as part of this year’s GalaxyConCorey Taylor talked about SLIPKNOT‘s follow-up to 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind, revealing he only has three songs left to record.

“I was actually supposed to finish my vocals this week. I got screwed, man, [by the COVID-19 diagnosis],” he said. “I actually only have really three songs left to do. I’ve done all the other tracks because I’ve been doing ’em in between tours, just f*cking hitting it.”

“I actually like this one better than the last one,” Corey continued. “I loved the last one. It’s really good. There’s some darker, heavier sh*t on it. There’s some tunes that are actually really outside the realm of what we’ve done before. But it all f*cking coheses together — it all works together. And there’s some f*cking savage heavy sh*t, which I’m really stoked on. So it’s gonna be rad.”

During a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Taylor said about new album: “It’s an expansion of where we were at on We Are Not Your Kind. This band has always prided itself on expanding boundaries, expanding our musical vision. It’s got the heavy… There’s so many different elements on this one, man, that let’s just say I’m really excited to get the vocals on it. I’ve got all the lyrics written and whatnot. I’m starting to fine-tune everything. It’s gonna be interesting, man.

He continued: “I think I talked about it somewhere else where this is the first time in a long time on a SLIPKNOT album where I’m not just talking about things from my point of view; I’m trying to look at things from other people’s point of view and tell different stories again. I’m kind of getting back to that, and it feels very freeing. It’s very liberating, man. And it’s gonna be rad. There’s a couple of songs on here that people are gonna be, like… There’s definitely some pit openers that are gonna f*cking freak people out. It’s gonna be rad.”

In a previous interview with 93X radio station, SLIPKNOT percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan said about the new album: “I believe that this album is… It’s God music, man. It’s the center of the beast for me. This is a whole other element. We as a band have been trying to facilitate certain ideas in recording and songwriting. Songwriting isn’t always just giving our fans ‘Psychosocial’s and ‘Surfacing’s — without saying it, sometimes we can write those songs in our sleep; it’s so in us. It’s what we don’t know and what we don’t know how to pull out is what is the love for humanity. I wanna make a difference.

“I don’t do a lot of charity because I believe what I’m doing onstage is my charity. It’s bringing everyone together for a night.

“I just think what we’re doing now is really… There’s a lot of things going on. One, we’re getting off our label [after the release of new LP]. And I feel free. It’s got nothing to do with what’s next. It’s just got to do with, ‘Get the hell away from me.’”

He went on to say that the new SLIPKNOT album will “hopefully” be released this year. “But we still have a lot of time to complete this,” he said. “We’re hoping to be done by the end of July.”

SLIPKNOT announced a return to the road for its incendiary 2021 incarnation of the “Knotfest Roadshow,” Support will come from three Grammy-nominated heavy music luminaries, KILLSWITCH ENGAGEFEVER 333 and CODE ORANGE. Tickets for the tour are now available at this location.