Isenmor – Land of the Setting Sun

promoimage-1  If anything is to be gathered from this cover art with the knowledge that this debut album from folk metal group Isenmor it’s that this would be the embodiment of properly done and very well executed folk metal to the highest degree. “Land of the Setting Sun” is the pinnacle of folk metal with each and every track from the album being done absolutely perfect in such a way that I was blown out of my f**king chair after hearing the dual violins for the first time alongside the guitars and chanting vocals that were just hypnotic to say in the very least. This entire album allows you to chant along to tales of glorious battle, be told of the drink of the gods (that would be mead), feel the sorrow of loss, and partake in marvelous adventures across the seas. You know, viking activities. Everything about “Land of the Setting Sun” is done 100% as good as it could have been done. It has set the bar for me when it comes down to how folk metal a folk metal album can sound and feel like because Isenmor clearly know how to make that and make it flawlessly. They are without a doubt the folk metal band to check out for the first half of this year as you will not find a better folk album anywhere before or after the release of “Land of the Setting Sun”. 

The album drops on June 21st everywhere and you can stream on the tracks off of the album, “Death is a Fine Companion”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Death is a Fine Companion
  2. Pyre
  3. Land of the Setting Sun
  4. So Willingly Deceived
  5. The Old Mead Hall