ISTAPP Follow ‘The Insidious Star’

ISTAPP finally return with their fourth longplayer “The Insidious Star” in their known frosty manner!
Ever since their formation in 2005 in the South East of Sweden, ISTAPP deliver brilliant masterpieces of noble Melodic Black Metal and celebrate majestic uplifting Scandinavian art. Impetuous wildness meets highly melodic aesthetics strikingly harmonious – a powerful recipe!
For several millenia the insidious star has scorched the earth with its treacherous solar rays. Time has come to end this glowing orb and exterminate all its worshippers once and for all. Climate will change, but not in the way they expect it! The antidote for the sun is now revealed and presented for the first time in English, Swedish and German! Stronger and more ferocious than ever before, we march for war! Join forces with us and stand victorious!

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