Ivar Kuura – Hermitary of Oblivion

It’s funny how perceptions on the labeling have changed through time. Maybe the music hasn’t changed that much, but the perceptions. About thirty years this Ivar Kuura “Hermitary of Oblivion” would be called only, and gently, rock. Ok, then. About twenty years ago, the labelling would be guitar band or retro rock. These days people call it classic hard rock or whatever. Aside from that, it’s always good to listen again an album with clean guitars in the Dire Straits used to do. By the way, the guitars on second track “Miniatures” reminds Dire Straits a lot. Its swing and groove are amazing. A song that should be edible so I could say it was delicious and yummy. With the hell, the song is yummy.

For many metallers “Hermitary of Oblivion” may be just a waste of time, but believe me, open your mind and change your midset just for a while. You won’t regret it. It is great to see how a clean guitar with chordly riffing can be so effective. The soloing is also simple, but effective. No shredding, just well-put notes and lots of emotion. Ivar Kuura vocals help a lot as well. The man knows how to put his voice at work. There are singers that wisely know their voices are limited and use them in a way that nobody ever notices. Just flat an simple singing to make the magic as Ivar Kuura does here.

Not so many years ago, metallers were fond of albums like this. Dire Straits were a dear band that the Metal fan were able to listen openly, if you know what I mean. This list would be complet with Pink Floyd, Marillion and Dire Straits. Bands that were able to transcende labels and prejudice. I guess you, my child of the night, should do the same with Ivar Kuura “Hermitary of Oblivion.” Why? Because the album is so cool. Cool in the musical meaning of the word. It’s music to relax, to get something to drink and cool down no matter what. And openly… No need to hide.

Ivar Kuura “Hermitary of Oblivion” was released in January via IK Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Jackals
  2. Miniatures
  3. Little Jimmy
  4. Lady Shrike

Watch “Miniatures” official lyric video here: