IVAR KUURA Is In The ‘Hermitary of Oblivion’

Prisoner of the road or wanderer in snow ?
Ivar Kuura is a Finnish independent rock artist who has decided to walk in deep snow, a bit heavy but freedom wins.

Ivar has a long history in music. From the late 1970s to 1997, he was active in various bands, but in 1997 life took him out of his hometown.

Then Ivar moved to the United States etc. until the dawn of 2017 and the circle began to close. It was time to rethink, and the music career that had been over had always been a major annoyance. It was time to fix it and it was a big decision that the rest of my life would go to music.

With a 20 year break in music making, everything had to start from scratch.
When you decide to end your long career and go back to what was once your job, it goes without saying that there was and is a big job site. Some of the old bandmates are dead, some are lost or stuck in their own projects, etc.

So it was natural to dig out an old guitar from naphthalene and see if anything was born. And how come, the songs started to emerge as if they had been waiting for them to be born for 20 years. I decided not to worry about assembling the band. I decided to do songs now in my spare time as long as those songs seemed to be coming up.

Ivar Kuura now has twenty songs ready. New songs are coming up on weekend nights. Ivar wants to keep things fresh. We want to play natural instruments and we are not looking for anything modern or overproduced. That’s Ivar‘s way.

All band members were found on one dark and snowy day from sea container village in Hakkila , Finland. Destiny led us together. That’s all , folks.

Ivar Kuura – Lead Vocals
A.I Haverinen – Guitars
Joona Moilanen – Bass
Francesco Harju – Drums

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