Jack Green – The Party at the End of the World

Many fans don’t understand why a hardcore Metal page like Metal Addicts dedicates its bits to Rock, Blues, or other artists like here Jack Green “The Party at the End of the World” and others reviewed. Well, I have to say is that I’m responsable for taking these off-genre reviews to the page. Guilty as charged. In my defense I have to say that besides my personal taste – I do like the Blues and its likes; Rock and its likes and everything between them – now I have a PR that sends me the material. Besides all that I think it is important to the younger fans to get to know the origins of Metal. History is somewhat important.

This Jack Green “The Party at the End of the World” is a right choice for the ones that like – and of course, know – Eric Clapton and his career. The album is what may be called pop-blues-rock with some small dashes of country, exactly what Eric Clapton used to do in the 1970s. However, in some moments as in “I Wish It Was So” the album sounds a bit Dire Straits. “Magic Man,” for instance, brings back the Eric Clapton way of playing country where the guitar playing gets a little rougher and near Hard Rock standards. It’s a good track to know where Hard Rock bands went to get their influences. There are moments in “The Party at the End of the World” that Jack Green uses a little more electronic effects as in “Heaven Can Wait.” But the so-called British Blues is the tone to most songs, and that’s what sparks most of the attention.

For today’s shreding standards Jack Green may not be considered a good guitarist. Flat wrong shreders of the world. The guy belongs to another kind of guitar school. A school that prioritizes feeling, and most of all, finesse. So, don’t expect enormous guitar solos sweeting technique and speed. The man is old school; the slower, the better; the more feeling, the more emotion. From where I’m standing, it’s great to know that there still musicians that care about the British Blues tradition, even though Jack Green isn’t that young. The man is almost 70 years old with a history with T-Rex, Rainbow, and Pretty Things. Respectable career.

Jack Green “The Party at the End of the World” will be released on February 03rd via Bad Reputation.

Track Listing:

  1. 100% Alive
  2. How Proud You Must Feel
  3. The Party at the End of the World
  4. Heaven Can Wait
  5. Eivissa
  6. The Love of My Live
  7. My Mind Says No
  8. Counting Stars
  9. Ordinary Man
  10. I Wish It Was So
  11. Magic Man
  12. The Things That I’ve Seen
  13. A Night in Morocco

Watch “The Party at the End of the World” official music video here: