JADE Do ‘The Pacification of Death’

Soul-ceremonialists JADE unleash the all-consuming “The Pacification of Death” – unfathomable depths documenting the deep-rooted and rich Eastern history, depicted in a sonorous depravation soaked in all its atmospheric glory. With the focal point of crafting brilliantly thought-out abyssus Death Metal and preceding in all aspects, the sinister tenebrosity and vanquishing riff-mastery have also given “The Pacification of Death” an immeasurable sense of ritualistic, weight-laden of a debut record.
It was recorded, mixed & mastered by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, Barcelona (Graveyard, Teitanblood, Foscor, etc) and is adorned with an astounding artwork by Adam Burke (Loss, Occultation, Vektor, Evoken, etc).

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