Jag Panzer – The Deviant Chord

Maturity and confidence walk together. Both have their good points. For bands, they make them prepare tasteful albums as they are confident on what they’re doing. Those are the first impressions on Jag Panzer long awaited album “The Deviant Chord.” On the other hand, fans expect more from mature and experienced bands. Jag Panzer can offer more. Jag Panzer don’t recur on the common mistake bands with recourcefull musicians do: the pure lack of strength in their music. “The Deviant Chord” is an album made by confident and technically well gifted musicians, though their ten tracks don’t miss the strength Metal songs must have. Jag Panzer offer much more. The ten tracks of “The Deviant Chord” are tasteful and strong. Carefully written and produced.

“The Deviant Chord” is an album of moments. There are moments of a strong power metal band; there are also prog metal moments with some musical experience as the unusual tempo and paice of “Foggy Dew.” The opening track, “Born Of The Flames,” is almost a Metal hymn with its martial cadence. The same for the chorus of “Divine Intervention.” Strong and catchy. Guitars do a remarkable work there with their intricate phrases. Here’s where experience talks strong. Jag Panzer musicians just know what to do. The don’t overplay. Vocalist Harry Conklin seems to choose precisely every type of voice effect he’s gonna strike off. He accurately does what the song asks. It’s just natural. As all the band. And also there are the fast tempo tracks which bring “The Deviant Chord” atmosphere up. “Salacious Behaviour” fights the good fight bringing the atmosphere to another level of speed. Each Metal album needs something like this to cheer up things. Even more if it’s attached to another cheering track as “Fire Of Our Spirit,” which seems to fire our spirits.

It took Jag Panzer about four years to come up with “The Deviant Chord.” Sometimes bands need a break, and that’s no wonder. And that break can bring up some awesome effects as it did to Jag Panzer“The Deviant Chord” is an enthusiastic album, almost near a debut album when the band is appreciating every moment of it. That’s exactly the impression “The Deviant Chord” features us, as if it were a debut album. Not easy for an experienced band, we all know that, but sometimes needed because there are times that things get like in automatic pilot. Music is pleasure, and “The Deviant Chord” brought pleasure back to Jag Panzer. It’s audioable. It’s just like “Dare” say.

Track Listing:

  1. Born Of The Flame
  2. Far Beyond All Fear
  3. The Deviant Chord
  4. Blacklist
  5. Foggy Dew
  6. Divine Intervention
  7. Long Awaited Kiss
  8. Salacious Behavior
  9. Fire Of Our Spirit
  10. Dare

Jag Panzer “The Deviant Chord” will be released on Setember 29th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Watch “Foggy Dew” official video here: