JAMEY JASTA On AILD Reunion: How Bad EVERY Other Job Must Be If You’re Willing To Go Back Into Job With Guy Who Was Gonna Kill Mother Of His Kids

HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta addressed the return of AS I LAY DYING with an unchanged lineup after singer Tim Lambesis was released from jail for hiring a hitman to murder his wife at the time, noting via Twitter: “Nick, Jordan, Phil and Josh are incredible musicians and very nice people. There’s a bigger discussion to be had and when the time is right hopefully we’ll do it and they can give everyone insight behind their decision. Until then I will hold judgement.”

However, the singer also added in a subsequently-deleted post (caught by The PRP): “Think about how bad EVERY other job must be if you’re willing to go right back into a job with a guy who was gonna kill his wife/mother of his kids for $1k. Open invite to all AILD guys to come back on the podcast to discuss though.”

In related stuff, MetalSucks decided to stop posting anything related to AILD, noting: “Imagine if four or five years from now, after serving time in prison for rape and sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein tried to come back and make a new film. Or if Bill Cosby started touring the standup circuit again. Hell, imagine that just a few years from now, Donald Trump and NBC were to revive ‘The Apprentice.’ Would you support them?”

In May 2014, AS I LAY DYING singer Tim Lambesis was sentenced to six years in jail after pleading guilty to paying a San Diego police officer posing as a hit man $1,000 to kill his wife. Approximately two and a half years later — on December 17, 2016 — he was discharged from a California detention facility and was transferred to the Division of Adult Parole Operations.