Jaodae – Chimera Review

Two Progressive Metal outfits in a role. Maybe just to prove my previous point about the wide influences they all have and that sometimes they are more Progressive than Metal or more Metal than progressive. Jaodae “Chimera” is completely different from Ice Age “Waves of Loss and Power.” First of all, and more obvious, because “Chimera” is an EP with only three tracks and they are short. Not short for Pregressive Metal standards, but really short. Around the four minute average. Second, “Chimera” is much heavier and doesn’t showcase any Jazz references. In fact, what Jaodae do here is to mix many other influences of Metal music and other genres. Of course, there is some classical music in it. As usual to the subgenre, the album’s instrumentals are pretty neat and very well played. It’s possible to say that “Chimera” is a lesson of performing. Third, the album is instrumental only.

The album goes right to it with the mixed breed “Porcocane” which sounds a little Extreme Metal. Guitars are hard with that low tuned overtone. The Progressive Metal touches are subtle with the guitars. The track isn’t fast, but cadenced. Not slow, but with some, let’s say groove. Besides the low tunning, guitars try other overtones. As it is an instrumental track, there are some rules to be followed. The melody is presented by the guitars. Sometimes this doesn’t get so easy to notice. Sometimes the melody mixes with the riffing. However that’s exacty what makes “Porcocane” interesting. Following track “Kolumkilli” follows a little the formula presented with opening track. Here, the performing gets tougher. I mean, guitar lines get more intricate mixing dissonances with irregular tempos giving the idea that something is out of time. Well, that’s exactly the intent. However, in the middle of everything, the song changes from head to toe. It slows down getting sonically lighter. Since day one, from what I heard here, Jaodae’s intent is to be heavy. This heaviness is given by the excess of sonic impulses. “Kolumkilli” breaks it with a smooth passage with clean guitars strumming. Then, there’s the grand finale “Seas Incarnadine” which begins smoothly to get harder and heavier. Here heavier in a Metal music way. There are moments that the fan might find it Death Metal.

“Chimera” is the chance to get to know how diverse Progressive Metal is. Jaodae deal with some different musical ideas. They incorporate other Metal influences in their music to make it heavier in a sense that the fan might get confuse by its intensity. It’s the instensity that gives “Chimera” its heaviness.

Jaodae “Chimera” will be released on March 17th via Black Throne Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Porcocane
  2. Kolumkilli
  3. Seas Incarnadine