JASON BECKER, Who Suffers From ALS, Is ‘Experiencing Shortness Of Breath And A Rapid Heart Rate’

Jason Becker

Legendary guitarist Jason Becker, who has been living with ALS for over 30 years, is “in constant contact with his doctors” after experiencing “shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate,” according to his mother.

Last night, Pat Becker took to Twitter to write: “Jason has requested prayers from all you wonderful folks out there. He can feel your prayers, and is experiencing shortness-of-breath and a rapid heart rate which is pretty scary stuff.

“He has not been able to communicate his gratitude and love for all the recent donations and support, but he is so grateful to you all and hopes to get back to a level of energy that makes it possible to let you all know, personally, how much he appreciates you.

“We are in constant contact with his doctors and will keep you posted.

“Thank you all.”

Short time after, KISS frontman Paul Stanley tweeted: “Let’s all send good thoughts & use the power of prayer to send along our positive energy to Jason Becker. This guitar prodigy has fought against all the odds for 30 years battling ALS & is now asking for our help. You are loved, admired and not alone Jason.”