JASON BONHAM on Using His Late Father’s Holograms: ‘I’d Love to Try It and Do Something in That Way’

Jason Bonham, son of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, who also played with the legends talked to Eddie Trunk Podcast about having a hologram of his father at his shows. Take a look:

“I’d love to try it and do something in that way – that would be an amazing way to honor him.”

On the zillion Led Zep’s tribute bands:

“What we have done is we’ve gone back through a lot of the stuff that I have that I haven’t used, completely put it through the high-def machine, and refined everything.

“The new ‘Moby Dick ‘is off the charts, and I hope at one point that we’re going to be able to hand out goggles, like three-dimensional things you can put on and literally be a part of seeing me play, but also you’ll see in front of you me playing and watching the screen where my father’s playing.”