JASON FLOM Of Lava Records Explains What Drew Him to GRETA VAN FLEET

Jason Flom is the CEO of Lava Records, the label to which Greta Van Fleet is signed, explained why he hired the guys in a conversation with Classic Rock Magazine. In your oppinion does he have anything to explain? Here are some excerpts.

“I remember, I was sitting with my son, and I put it [‘Highway Tune’] on and was like, ‘What in the hell is this? This is insane.’ I haven’t heard that sound since back in the day. It was an instant reaction.”

Jason added:

“A number of things grabbed me. First, his [Josh Kiszka’s] voice. It’s not from a different era but from a different planet.

“And something about the way they create music together, which I realize is because they’ve been playing together since they were little.

“And then there’s the fact that they were so young. These guys are kids – they were still in high school. It was almost incongruous.”

Flom also said:

“There hasn’t been a real breakout rock band – rock with a capital ‘R’ – in quite some time. The ones who have made a dent have been hybrids of different sounds.

“With Greta Van Fleet it’s just a bunch of guys with guitars and bass and drums; no synthesizers, no DJs. It’s pure.”