JEANICELEE Are ‘Urban Legends’

Jeanicelee bring a unique blend of modern, guitar-fuelled melodic hard rock with wide-ranging influences from classic rock to prog to old school heavy metal. Fronted by Jeanice’s deep emotive vocals, we tell stories with powerful melodies, supported by Marco’s neoclassical guitar style, Leen’s driving basslines and Tony’s impactful drumming.

“Never too late to start anew and pursue your dreams” was what Jeanice said to herself 5.5 years ago. Knowing that her innate desire to make and play music would never go away, she decided to confront it head on.
The first couple of years of her musical journey was spent on learning the guitar, writing songs, performing in open mic nights, and putting a band together. The band went on to release their debut album “Beyond Never” in 2019 and organise a series of gigs in Scotland to support the album release, and was invited to play at Wildfire Festival and Maidens of Music Festival in the same year.
The pandemic put a stop to things just after their headline show for Musicians Against Homelessness in Edinburgh in March 2020, which caused a long delay to the production of their planned second album.
This delay turned out to be a blessing because the combination of the band’s heavy-hitting new drummer and Jeanice having more time on the guitar means more complexity and heavier edge to their new album Urban Legends. 2022 sees Jeanicelee gigging around the country promoting the new album and reaching new audiences.

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