jeff guitar

After the death of Jeff Hanneman his widow Kathryn put several of his personal guitars up for auction to fund his favorite charities, one of which is called  The Wounded Warriors Project.

The asking price was 12 grand each. BROKEN HOPE guitarist Jeremy Wagner reportedly bought four or them for an amount that I personally assume was much more than the list price. If I had it I would give it to just touch those guitars.

Mr. Wagner told Guitar World “Riffs are just flowing out of me. I feel a real responsibility to Jeff and to Kathryn to use these guitars in a way that honors him. As long as I own these guitars, I will use them and carry on Jeff Hanneman‘s legacy. He remains a huge influence to me, and I probably wouldn’t be here as an extreme metal guitarist/lyricist without him.”

When I see such honor exercised in a way such as this, I don’t doubt that the metal will continue long after I am gone as well.

You can get the full interview here

BROKEN HOPE is in the studio right now, well I can only assume that that is what pre production means. Pre production to me always meant sitting around and chiefining and telling our girl friends that we were working so we could really write without them in our ear distracting us…

Anyhow, His legacy lives on and you will hear more than just piano wire to give you a little comfort.