JEFFREY NOTHING (Ex-MUSHROOMHEAD) Returns With New Single And Lyric Video ‘Fragile Mind’

Jeffrey Nothing
Photo credit: Jeff Mintline

Jeffrey Nothing (also known as Jeff Hatrix), co-founding member of MUSHROOMHEAD, has resurfaced with his solo project Jeffrey Nothing (also known as NOTHING), along with fellow former MUSHROOMHEAD guitarist Thomas Church, following their departure from the band in March of 2018. Also appearing is former MOTOGRATER and THE BROWNING drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson, vocalist Ian Sniesak, bassist Kahler Hatrix, among other members yet to be announced.

NOTHING have released their new single entitled “Fragile Mind”, mixed by Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions and mastered by Matt Johnson at Revelation Studios, along with a lyric video produced by Rob Neilson of Wired Digital. The single artwork was provided by highly acclaimed tattoo artist Tony Kelly.

The video for “Fragile Mind” can be viewed below.

Nothing has released the following statement:

“This song wrote itself. Life takes odd twists and turns and sometimes finds dead ends… Creativity is a gift, yours to guide you through peace of mind and life experiences… we choose our paths. We alone should command our directions, our course to happiness and never despair, no matter what anyone else believes or demands… Ever.

Fragile Mind is one of many, great new songs I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Working with people with heart and yes: Soul is incredible, to say the very least. Thomas Church, Noah Robertson, Ian Sniesak, Kahler Hatrix and others have brought huge smiles and laughter and other emotions, long dead back to the creative process. Art isn’t about orders or demands. It is about doing what you love. When you decide, with who you choose.

A new Jeffrey NOTHING release is so close. We have a plethora of music and amazing minds helping to construct a living, breathing Monster of a musical journey. Our fans deserve NOTHING, but Love too.

Happiness is on the horizon. New music and real tours are coming… Soon to be set free, for all to enjoy. Thanks for the patience and hope. Renewed.

Yours truly, JN”

Nothing‘s distinct vocals had driven MUSHROOMHEAD‘s frightening and extreme performance style, garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide.

Jeff released his debut solo album, “The New Psychodalia”, in 2011 which included the single “Sin O’ Cism”. In 2013, Jeff starred in the movie “13th Sign”. Jeff was also the singer of Cleveland-based thrash metal band HATRIX, as well as fronting the group PURGATORY in the mid-’80s.