JETHRO TULL’s MARTIN BARRE on Guitars: ‘Why? Why Do You Need Two? You Can Only Play One!’

Martin Barre, one of the best classic guitar player from a more than classic band, Jethro Tull, who played with from1968 and 2012, talked about many thing to Guitar World. One of them was about the numbers of guitars one may have. Take a look:

“No, it never happened like that. I had one guitar for a long time, and when I wanted a better guitar I sold the one I had.

“If you had two guitars it was like, ‘Why? Why do you need two? You can only play one!’ You’d be offered ’50s Gibsons and Fenders for less than $200. It wasn’t the kind of silly money you see now for an old guitar.

“The main concern in those early days was to get more reliable equipment. Everything was so prone to breakdown. Amps were blowing up all the time.”

Do you have a guitar that you’d grab in the event of a fire?

“No, because I own the guitars, the guitars don’t own me. The guitar I play most is a small collapsible travel guitar made in Switzerland. It’s not very valuable, but I pick it up every day.

“It’s a lovely instrument to play. I’ve had valuable instruments that I’ve sold or that I’ve even re-bought.

“The money becomes a means to an end. If I’m financing a tour and I want the two girls on onstage, I’ll sell a vintage guitar.”