JEZEBEL SLADE (Formerly Known As VAN HALST) Announce Name Change And Sexy Debut Single ‘Pickled Punks’ Coming Soon

Canadian hard rockers, JEZEBEL SLADE, who has been performing as VAN HALST for years, has taken on a new creative direction, and with it comes the new name and the promise of new music. Ringleader and vocalist Kami further explains the redirection:

“Half way through the new album we realized that Van Halst didn’t really fit anymore. The original intention was to title the new album ‘Jezebel’ but throughout the recording process the music started taking on a theatrical life of its own so I wanted a name to reflect the new sound. While in University, I remember studying Jezebel and feeling empowered- she was strong, confident, seductive and willful. Even in her death she was proud. Yet there was something sinful about Jezebel and she did a lot of evil things- she was a living juxtaposition. I feel the music business is like that- it can be beautiful and inspiring yet evil and sinister. So Jezebel was a perfect fit for me, but in order to create this new alter ego I needed a new last name. Slade came from my love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She slayed demons both physical and metaphorical so I wanted to play on that thus, Jezebel Slade.”

The debut single “Pickled Punks” will be the first of many the band has planned for release and it is expected out later in 2018. This dark and horrific tune will come with a sexy, gothic and evil music video and will be the first glimpse as to what JEZEBEL SLADE has to offer the audience.

Check out their teaser below.

Summarized as dark and theatrical hard rock, JEZEBEL SLADE follows the artistic stylings of Lady Gaga albeit with a metal twist and brews it together with influences drawn from JUDAS PRIEST to produce an entertaining and devilish live spectacle known as “Sinner’s Cabaret”. The “Sinner’s Cabaret” will focus equally on the music and the performance with JEZEBEL SLADE planning to tour with freak shows, circuses and burlesque performers.

Looking in to the crystal ball the future looks bright for this troupe of performers with a flurry of singles to be released and extensive touring plans in the works. Their forthcoming self-titled debut album was co-written and produced by diamond award winning producer Arnold Lanni plus features guest appearances by Bif Naked and more.