Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy – Songs from the Garage

JimBreuer-SongsFromTheGarage  I’m the kind of the person that when I see a good time I immediately begin to gravitate towards it. Whether it be a great piece of death metal that catches the attention or a trailer for a movie that looks awesome, we all love to have fun one way or another. One unique form of immense entertainment is metal and comedy mixed together. Now, I don’t mean death metal kind of metal I mean just straight heavy metal that most everyone can crowd around and go “this is some good s**t”. Imagine the well known Tenacious D and instead of them being rock or hard rock or whatever type of rock they are, and make them metal with all the ingenius comedy staying in place. That’s essentially what Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy’s (what a mouth full, let’s just go with Jim Breuer for short) has done with the debut album of “Songs from the Garage”. From start to finish you are exposed to a damn good time filled with laughs, great metal craftsmanship, and moments filled with happiness and top notch comedy that could only come from bonafied comedian. Just from listening to the first three tracks alone you can tell immediately that this piece was made by guys who are have been growing up with metal for decades and are now starting to settle down in their lives, but the need to be a metal head with a sense of humor never escaped them and they purged such a unique desire with “Songs from the Garage” which everyone, younger and older, can really appreciate whether it be due to how relatable the album is to the older metal heads or it’s awesome brand of entertainment for the young audience members. Even the legend himself of Brian Johnson from AC/DC wanted to get in on this party and is featured on two tracks off the album, giving this piece more than enough cred that even sticklers who only to listen to “the best” of rock will want to get in on this madness. I already know that people are gonna get upset with this album calling it bulls**t or dumb or “50 year old guys acting twelve… lame” or “So this is what a midlife crisis looks like” (courtesy of the ever friendly YouTube comments section on this video), but all of those people are the ones you don’t want to be around who always have a stick wedged firmly up their asses. And then there’s going to be us who are just having a fantastic time with humor, metal, and friends basking in the hilarious piece that is “Songs from the Garage” pulled straight from the mind of Jim Breuer himself. A great time you don’t want to miss, this album is fantastic start to finish. Period.

“Songs from the Garage” releases on May 27th! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Thrash
  2. Raising Teenage Girls
  3. Old School
  4. Be a Dick 2nite
  5. My Rock n Roll Dream
  6. Mr. Rock n Roll
  7. Who’s Better Than Us?!
  8. Family Warrior
  9. Sugar Rush
  10. Wannabe
  11. The Unexplained