JIMMY PAGE Promises ‘Surprising’ New Material


Although he won’t reveal the hard details, Jimmy Page says that he’s prepping new material for a comeback tour, according The Pulse Of Radio. During a recent chat with Classic Rock magazine, Page revealed, “I’m playing guitar at the moment, because I’m getting ready. I’m starting to get ready. At the end of that was gonna be what would manifest as me playing live… Whatever I do, I don’t want everyone to have made up their mind what I’m doing before I’ve done it. I mean, they already have. On the Internet, people are telling me that, ‘Oh, you’re doing this, and you’re doing that,’ and I’m — ‘Am I? Just wait and see what I do.'”

Page shed a little light on the new material, saying, “It will be surprising… I’d like to obviously show what I’ve done along the way, but I’d definitely have musical surprises for people so they wouldn’t sort of start yawning.”

Jimmy Page explained that his songwriting process has stayed virtually unchanged throughout the years. “For me, it always starts with the guitar,” he said. “Even though I wrote lyrics in the earlier days, I wasn’t that keen top be doing that, so I wasn’t sort of writing reams of poetry and putting the music to it. It was all about the music, and I guess, starting to develop my own techniques so it had a character to it.”

There’s been no release date announced for the upcoming Page album, which will be his first true solo set since 1988’s “Outrider”.
Source: Blabbermouth

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