JIMMY PAGE Says He Saw His ‘Life Flashing By’ When Compiling Photo Memoir


According to The Pulse Of Radio, Jimmy Page feels that his new photographic memoir, titled “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page”, may actually be more personal because of the candid and revealing shots of his life and career. The 512-page oversized tome covers every aspect of his career; his London session work and stint in THE YARDBIRDS, LED ZEPPELIN, THE FIRM, his solo work and collaboration with David Coverdale, the mid-’90s teamup with Robert Plant, LED ZEPPELIN‘s 2007 reunion concert and beyond.

Page says that he was able to do something with the book, that few people’s are ever able to really do. “It starts off there when I’m about 12, 12 or 13, but it goes through, to, like 70,” he said. “So, y’know, you definitely sort of see your life flashing by and you see the decades, but it’s alright, though, because, y’know, I managed to put something together here, which nobody had done before: a complete autobiography in photographs. You see yourself growing up, really.”

Originally conceived as a limited edition of only 2,500 copies worldwide, the first printing of “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page” sold out within weeks of release. In the spring of 2010, it became the fastest-selling book in Genesis Publications‘ 40-year history.

“I’ve been asked on a number of occasions to do a written book and I thought of the other side of the coin,” said Page. “I thought it would be unique to have an autobiography in photographs, charting my whole musical journey.

“I always like to do something different,” added Page. “If you’re inspired by an idea, really make something of that inspiration. That goes for music, as well as anything else — even putting a book together! To have a photographic autobiography is a totally different way of looking at things, but it does the job very well, and I think it will bring a lot of pleasure to people.”

Source: Blabbermouth