JINJER Launch One More Video From New Album Studio Session

Jinjer 2021
Photo credit: Alina Chernohor

Ukraine’s modern metal juggernaut JINJER have proven that they will never lessen their relentless pace and continue to work overtime, earning them the reputation as one of metal’s hardest working bands out there today. With many of their videos cracking the million mark and each of their albums released so far are highly praised by critics, scene insiders and fans alike, the band never tires of distributing their mercilessly progressive, heavy metal music to anyone that will listen.

JINJER have finally entered the studio to start working on their highly anticipated 4th album on Napalm Records. Given the working title #JINJER4 by their fans, the band has been intensively writing new material over the past few months and it promises to be their most visionary and impactful release to date.

Now the band released their third studio session report for new album, and you can check it out below.

The band states on the third studio report: “BASS IS DONE! Our man Eugene finished all bass parts in little under 3 days … so this means all music is recorded and it’s Tatiana‘s turn! We are very excited to say the least! The direction it’s going in will really surprise some people but it is 200% JINJER.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more exclusive studio reports coming soon!

The recording sessions are once again taking place at the Kaska Records Studios in Kiev, Ukraine together with highly talented and good friend producer Max Morton.