JOB FOR A COWBOY Returns With First New Single In 9 Years

JOB FOR A COWBOY, the renowned technical death metal band from Arizona, is making a strong return after nearly a decade of silence. They have recently released their first single since 2014, titled “The Agony Seeping Storm.” This highly anticipated track exhibits the band’s signature technical and intense death metal sound, signifying their triumphant return to the music scene.

In addition to the new single, the band has also shared a music video. Directed by K. Hunter Lumar, the video is inspired by a friend’s experiences with hallucinogenic drugs and mental health issues, lending a dark and gritty edge to the band’s new music.

This exciting comeback has not only thrilled long-time fans but has also generated a buzz for their upcoming concept album. The band’s evolution from a deathcore band to a progressive-death metal outfit is clearly evident in their new music, promising a fresh yet familiar sound to their loyal listeners.