JOE ELLIOTT: DEF LEPPARD’s 2001 Biopic Was ‘The Biggest Pile Of Sh*t Ever Made’

Joe Eliott

Joe Elliott says that DEF LEPPARD‘s 2001 biopic was “the biggest pile of sh*t ever made.”

Prior to DEF LEPPARD‘s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last week, Elliott was asked by Rolling Stone if he was open to making a LEPPARD biopic in the style of QUEEN‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

He responded: “We were subjects of a VH1 movie 20 years ago that was the biggest pile of sh*t ever made. I doubt very much anybody would be really interesting in making another one. We’ll see. We’re open to anything. [If] somebody comes along because ‘we want to make a movie about you guys,’ why not?”

“Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story” was produced by VH1 and was described as “the true story of one of the most successful pop-metal bands of the ’80s.”

Upon its release, it was described by Deseret News music editor Scott Iwasaki as a “lame” movie which reduced the DEF LEPPARD band members to “one-dimensional caricatures.” Iwasaki added: “If the film weren’t based on a real band, I’d swear it was supposed to be the sequel to Rob Reiner‘s 1984 mockumentary ‘This Is Spinal Tap’.”