JOEL HOEKSTRA On WHITESNAKE: ‘DAVID COVERDALE Is A Great Boss And A Great Friend; I Have Nothing But Gratitude’

The latest episode of the 80’s Glam Metalcast is devoted to David Coverdale and WHITESNAKE. They also bring in WHITESNAKE guitarist Joel Hoekstra and talk about his new JOEL HOEKSTRA’s 13 album “Running Games“. 

Hoekstra on his new solo album: “My new album is melodic hard rock that’s Dio-ish at its heaviest and Foreigner-ish at its lightest. I really wanted to do my album, but make it feel like a band. I wanted to do all the writing and be in charge for a change. I love all the bands I’m in, but sometimes it’s nice to be ‘that guy.’ I have a killer line up with me. It’s the same line up as my Dying To Live album. Everybody came back again. It started with Tony Franklin, and Tony recommended Vinny Appice. At the time of the last one, Russel Allen was joining TSO, and he was the perfect singer. Derek Sherinian on keyboards is a no brainer for keyboards, just great sounds. I was approaching the material as a listener. What do I want to hear? I want to hear good songs and give people a good rock album. Melody driven, but also riff driven….trying to find the balance between the heavy and the hooky!” 

On playing with David Coverdale and WHITESNAKE: 

Hoekstra: “David is a great boss, great bandmate, and a great friend. He’s been so good to me. I have nothing but gratitude. We’ve had the same line up ever since I got in. It’s so cool being with guys like David, Tommy Aldridge, and even Reb Beach that have so much rock-n-roll history. There is such a great history as well of past guitar players in the band. They all brought something different to the table. It would have been an honor to play with any of them.” 

On his favorite WHITESNAKE album:

Hoekstra: “I was your typical kid that got exposed to the Geffen albums in the ’80s. For my money, the one I wore out the most was the 1987 record. I hate to pick favorites, but that one had something special. I think it sold like 9 trillion copies….so it must have been good!!!!! I remember being 16 and playing it everyday. It might of been the best blend of the 80’s pop rock style of the time with the blushes based stuff.” 

Joel Hoekstra – guitarist for WHITESNAKE and Trans-Siberian Orchestra released the second album from his solo project Joel Hoekstra’s 13, entitled “Running Games” this February. Featuring an all-star cast of musicians including Russell Allen (vocals), Tony Franklin (bass), Vinny Appice (drums), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) and Jeff Scott Soto (backing vocals), “Running Games” looks to pick up where 2015’s “Dying to Live” left off.

Years ago, I released three solo albums of mainly instrumental guitar music,” he adds. “With Joel Hoekstra’s 13, I am working on something that showcases my production, writing and playing in the genre that I am best known for, which is melodic hard rock.

“Running Games” Tracklisting:
1. Finish Line
2. I’m Gonna Lose It
3. Hard To Say Goodbye
4. How Do You
5. Heart Attack
6. Fantasy
7. Lonely Days
8. Reach The Sky
9. Cried Enough For You
10. Take What’s Mine
11. Running Games
12. Lay Down Your Love (bonus track – digital)