Joey Image, Former MISFITS Drummer, Reportedly Dead Aged 63

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you with news of the death of my friend Joey Image, MISFITS drummer from 78-80. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016 and was very adamant that everyone be tested for Hepatitis C which he said caused it and went undiagnosed for “no telling how many years”. It hasn’t been but a few weeks ago that I last talked to him. I asked how it was going and he said he was “tired all the time and kind of out of it and in a lot of pain”.

Mr. Image performed on The Night Of The Living Dead EP and single which featured Rat Fink and Where Eagles Dare as B sides. He also beat the skins on the EP and single Horror Business which featured Children In Heat and Teenagers From Mars as B Sides. Also, 2006’s release by him called Hellbent For Horror Business and various compilations.

Rest in peace Mr. Joey Image. March 5, 1957- June 1, 2020.