JOHANN FAUSTUS Project Doom With “Stroll”


The project “Johann Faustus” was founded in 2011 to pursue a long lasting passion for slow Heavy Metal songs. After being involved with various musical ventures, which eventually came together as my main project “Die 3esellschaft der 3rauen Herren” in 2009, there was no one to share the passion with – a one-man-thing needed to be done. The 2011‘ demo “Stroll” was  created on a whim; Writen, recorded and released in 2K hours. It was hideous.
While being busy with the promotion of “Die 3esellschaft der 3rauen Herren” and later on
“Skooma Dat,” that record lead a miserable existence until late 2017, when I decided to make it
presentable. April 19th, 2018 marks the beginning of a Johann Faustus Doom Metal era.

From hard labour in the morning hours, throughout breezy midday meadows and unbearable heat of noon to the refreshing saltiness of the shore.
With 4 extensive songs, “Stroll” features 42 minutes of crunchy Doom Metal goodness. Heavy guitar rifs well-matched with pleasant melodies and a considerable portion of pop appeal make this album worth a shot, but what makes it stand out is it‘s unique delighted atmosphere – it‘s Doom Metal you can listen to with your friends around the campfire.
A variety of summerly impressions presented by jazzy female singing, harsh growls, expressive
male vocals and chimey backing sections!
“Shards” is a varied introspective piece, that appreciates the futility of hard work. We break things apart as does nature and nature breaks, what we bring together. We gaze upon heavy machinery and the comfort of our home.
“Stroll” slowly walks us through vibrant meadows and entwined forests – what a cushy morning!
“Muggy” lets us live through the horrors of desperate lethargy when it‘s just so incredibly torrid. This song is as slabby as our exhausted afternoon-siesta.
“Seafoam” grants us sweet relief as we watch the sunset from the shoresite. A melancholic tune about enjoying the moment.

Album Credits:
Noelle Behr – Vocals
Johann Faustus – Vocals and everything else
All songs writen by Johann Faustus, 2011.
Recorded, engineered and produced 2017/18 by Johann Faustus/Route 17 Records.

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You can listen to at BandcampYoutube, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.